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The Vicious Mammals are a rockin' rollin' band from Southcentral Alaska, bringing original music that'll punch you right in the mouth with a big ol' fist full of rock n' roll. Check out the About Us section for more info, or Contact us for booking info if you're so inclined!
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August 07, 2015 - It's happening! The album is out NOW. You can order it online at our BandCamp site or at any of our shows. Shows? We got shows. We're about to embark on the second leg of our AK mini-tour tonight, so we've got the following shows in Alaska lined up:

8/7/15 - Wasilla, AK - Wonderland Park, 4pm, all ages, free
8/8/15 - Fairbanks, AK - College Coffeehouse, 2pm, all ages, free, acoustic show
8/8/15 - Fairbanks, AK - Treasure Island, 9pm, all ages, $5
8/9/15 - Tanana Valley Fair - Usibelli Stage, 9pm, all ages

Our shows at the Gaslight (Anchorage) and the lake show (Big Lake) were awesome! We hope you'll come out and see us on the next spurt of dates. Don't forget, you can get your copy of Switchblade Ballerina at any of the shows, and we're giving away patches, stickers and buttons for free at the merch table. Just come by and pick yours out! See you at the show.

July 13, 2015 - Quick update on the album: Switchblade Ballerina is all on track for the release date of July 28th. You can pre-order the album NOW via BandCamp (click on the image below). We are offering both digital downloads and CD formats. The CD includes the digital version; in either case you'll be able to download the full album immediately upon release and two tracks NOW, as soon as you submit your order! It will also be available at some point on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, etc., etc. but why wait?

One last little tidbit on the release mini-tour. We've added another show to the end of it, and we'll be performing at the Tanana Valley State Fair in Alaska on August 9th. We'll be on the Usibelli Stage at 9pm. So if you have plans to go to the fair, come out on Sunday night and close the joint down with us. See you at the shows!

July 07, 2015 - We've teased and hinted for long enough, time to let the cat out of the bag! Our 12-track debut album Switchblade Ballerina will be released on July 28, 2015. We have released two singles from the album -- "Black & White Limo" and "Wendy O." -- and they're streaming on our SoundCloud. Just scroll straight up, there's a giant music player right at the top of this page! We're really stoked about these songs, so do us a favor and give them a listen, and share them with everyone you know.

To celebrate our release we've booked an Alaska mini-tour that we're kicking off July 31st in Anchorage at the Gaslight. This is going to be a party to celebrate the release and our birthday as a band! Then we've got several other shows booked for the following week in Big Lake, Fairbanks and Wasilla, so come out and party with us!

June 22, 2015 - We played a couple of great shows with some great bands around the Anchorage area the past few weeks! Thanks to everyone who came out, to Club Halo (awesome venue), and to the bands -- Mythological Horses, Cliff & Ivy, Tamerlane and The Henchmen -- who we had the pleasure to share the stage with. You were all awesome.

There is a lot going on in mammal-land right now, things that we can't officially share, but we are going to be super busy working behind the scenes for the next month to bring you some awesome stuff. All we can tell right now is that it involves releasing some of our studio work in some form or another, and playing a bunch of shows. You can keep an eye on this front page here and on our shows page to see how that shapes up but hopefully soon we will have the details all firmed up and drop them on you like a big bomb of rock n' roll. Until then, rock on!

May 26, 2015 - Our show at the Carousel was a lot of fun, and now we've booked two more local area shows. Coming up on June 6th we're going to play in support of Mythological Horses, a great band out of Washington that's on tour this summer. It's going to be at a new venue for us, Club Halo, in Anchorage on 5th avenue and we're happy to be playing with Cliff & Ivy and Dirty Filthy Dead. We'll also be hooking up for an outdoor show in Palmer at the Knik River sand dunes. That one's only June 14 in the afternoon with Tamerlane and Bitter Souls. So check out our Shows page for more information on that.

After that we're looking to fill up our calendar with some sweet shows. We're trying to break out of the mold and take advantage of summer to do some interesting things we haven't done in a while. We're interested in setting up some weekend runs to places we haven't been, and/or doing some shows that are a little different like house shows, parties, outdoor stuff, DIY venues, etc. In other words, instead of getting you to come to us, we want to come to you! So if you've got something in mind, please contact us and let us know. Thanks.

May 16, 2015 - So we finished recording our album without killing ourselves or each other, now we're waiting for the first mixes and, most importantly for our hometown fans, getting ready to play some shows!

The next show we'll be playing in Anchorage will be at our old haunt The Carousel on Spenard. Come party with us next Saturday, May 16th. It's 21+, FREE, and the shin-dig will get going about 9pm so don't miss it. Check out the graphic below for all the details, which are also on our shows page. Do us a big favor, too -- check out the Facebook event and RSVP and SHARE that stuff! Anyway, we'll be playing with the Moonracers -- we had such a blast with them last time we decided to do it again -- PJ Franco and the Burnouts, and 3 Kisses. You remember last time we booked with PJ the power blew out, and the last time we booked with 3 Kisses we had to cancel because Dale was stuck in the hospital. So, we're either going to make up for lost time and have an awesome show, or we're all going to die in an electrical fire. Either way you don't want to miss it right?

We've got another project cooking that will probably happen next month. Can't tell you all the details because we still have to dot the I's and cross the T's but we're trying to set up a show closer to our home in the Mat-Su Valley that will probably involve some other bands, some beers, the woods, and some other weird sketchy crap. If we pull it off we want all our valley people to be there so stay tuned!

April 13, 2015 - The album is coming along pretty awesomely. In fact we've been so busy blazing through it we've hardly had time to stop and write about it. We are about five days in and all we have left to do is wrap up the lead vocals on two songs, go through and lay the backup vocals for all 12 of them, then any other punch-ins or extras we may need and it's off to mix/master/complete. Basically it's looking like we'll have busted out a 12-track album in a week. How punk is that?

We've posted a bunch of updates, photos and videos on our Instagram, our Facebook, and our Twitter so if you're into that stuff follow us on your social media of choice. Or better yet, follow us on all of them. Make an account just so you can get crazy with us. Also, on our YouTube, we've posted a two-part video blog to kind of show you all what's going on behind the scenes. So check out the videos below and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

OK, one more last marketing pitch: we're just a bunch of rockers from Alaska putting out our first album. We wouldn't have come this far without you guys, our friends and fans, and we know you won't let us down. We really believe in this and want to make it go huge. So if you're on board and want to help us take it to the next level, share this stuff with your friends. We gotta blast the world and keep rock n' roll alive! So, check out the videos, share with everyone you know, and stay tuned for more updates on the album.

Vicious Mammals Make an Album - Part 1

Vicious Mammals Make an Album - Part 2

March 24, 2015 - Thank you Anchorage for making the last two shows way rad! We had a great time on Saturday at the Carousel and Monday at Pasta Avanti. Awesome turnout, awesome bands, awesome kids, great venues. What more can we say? We had a really good time. We posted some pictures from Saturday up on our photos page, so check those out!

Now I guess it's time to record an album. We're going to go through our last rehearsal here in a few days and then in one week we start tracking scratch tracks and drums. We still have to work out all the details on the album but so far we've just been putting the songs first and hoping that pays off in the long run.

So that about does it for us for shows this spring. We would love to start booking for the summer, though, and we want to take advantage of the good weather and get outta town. We are looking first at the usual Alaska suspects besides Anchorage and the Valley -- Kenai, Fairbanks, Homer, Seward, Girdwood, etc. -- but who knows? We will entertain all semi-plausible offers so feel free to contact us if you'd like us to rock out in YOUR town.

March 17, 2015 - Update!!! Our Anchorage show on Monday March 23 is still on. It has been moved to Pasta Avanti which means it is now downtown and all ages! We'll be playing with Scud Missile, They Leapt from Burning Windows, Counterweight and Tequila Mockingbird. The door is $5 and the show starts at 7pm. Once it again it is all ages BUT if you're 21+ with ID they serve beer and wine there. Of course there will be good Italian food and good jams for everyone and you'll be home and in bed by 11 or 12, so NO EXCUSES! Also, we've updated our Shows page with more info on our Anchorage Carousel show this weekend and some flyers. Check it.

March 11, 2015 - Bad news: our show at the Taproot on March 23rd, 2015 will be moved or cancelled. We hate to keep doing this stuff to you guys but in this case it was no fault of our own; the venue informed the promoter who booked us that they are changing the weekly entertainment schedule and we have no influence over it. So don't show up at the Taproot on Monday looking for us.

All is not lost, though. First off, it sounds like a pretty good chance that Punk Monday might live on in one form or another at an alternative venue and potentially (I stress that point) become an all-ages thing. So we are keeping that date open in hopes that Alaska Punks United can find a new place for throwing shows.

Second, we still have our show at The Carousel booked for March 21st. It's a Saturday night, it's right down the street, and there's NO COVER! Lots of great bands we haven't played with before -- the Moonracers, Dutchess and Jay Straw -- so we are really stoked to make that one a BIG night. Come out and jam with us!

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